A Tale of Two Decades

The investing world looked very different 10 years ago. In 2029, you'll probably feel the same way.

We're at the 10th anniversary of the stock market's low point of the Great Recession: March 2009. Since then, the US market has risen by almost 4 times. Real estate has done even better.

Plenty of investors make decisions looking at the recent past. If that's your strategy, you might want to reconsider. Here's why.

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Recency Bias: Surviving the Winter

Do you think you could step outside right now without a jacket? Of course not! It’s been cold, windy & rainy for these past few months. (For those of us living in the Northeast.) Our minds and our bodies are telling us to layer up. It was cold today and it will most likely be cold tomorrow. We don’t have to check the weather to know that.

What we do know is that eventually spring will come and with it: warmth. Though spring is a few months away, it is starting to feel like we’re going to be stuck in the winter season forever.

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Information Overload, Decision Paralysis, and Herding

This post was written by Ken Weingarten and Frank Fernandez of Weingarten Associates

Let’s assume for a moment that your current investment portfolio was all in cash and you had to start from scratch. How would you invest it? What would be your asset allocation (stocks vs. bonds)? Where would you begin to look for help? If you did a simple web search for “How to invest in the stock market” you would be thrown down a rabbit hole of information and an overwhelming amount of choices.

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