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There are three coordinated services that comprise our Wealth Management Services:

  • Holistic Financial Planning
  • Investment Management Services
  • Tax Planning and Preparation

The best way to get a sense of what services we have provided our clients in the past is to review the document titled “What A Great Financial Advisor Can Do For You”. Our Wealth Management Services are most appropriate for clients who have already accumulated at least $1M+ of investable assets.


Wealth Accumulator Plan

The Wealth Accumulator Plan offers the same set of services as the Wealth Management services but is customized for clients who are in the ‘rapid’ accumulation phase of their long-term planning. This service is designed for younger clients, or those who have at least 5-10 years of high-earning potential before retirement. The Wealth Accumulator Plan is most appropriate for clients who have at least $500k in investable assets.


Project-Based Services

For clients who are truly at the beginning of their long-term financial journey we offer customized project-based planning services. These services are offered on a limited basis depending on our current work flow. Please contact us for discussion to determine if we may be a fit for each other.


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Ken Weingarten CFP, MBA at Weingarten Associates
Managing Financial Planning Partner

Ken Weingarten is passionate about helping individuals achieve their goals through comprehensive financial planning.  ...

Trina Weingarten CPA, MBA at Weingarten Associates
Managing Tax Partner

Trina Weingarten is passionate about helping individuals achieve their goals through tax planning and preparation.  “I...

Frank Fernandez at Weingarten Associates

Frank Fernandez is the Associate Financial Planner for Weingarten Associates. 
Before joining our team in 2018, he worked...

Jan DeProspero at Weingarten Associates

Jan DeProspero is Head of Client Services for Weingarten Associates. She is responsible for managing routine client...


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