Financial Planning

1. Improves not just your financial life, but your overall sense of well-being
2. Organizes your present financial situation with an online document portal
3. Asks for your input
4. Illustrates your financial situation
5. Guides you through financial topics to provide clarity, alternatives, and solutions
6. Provides a platform to openly discuss your goals
7. Prioritizes your financial goals
8. Identifies realistic goals
9. Listens to your concerns and worries about the future
10.Builds discipline through consistent financial coaching
11.Prepares and maintains your financial plan
12.Creates different scenarios within your financial plan
13.Helps you implement recommendations
14.Prepares you for important life events
15.Educates you to understand recommendations and financial concepts
16.Maintains consistent contact with you
17.Serves as a trusted source of information
18.Analyzes your children’s educational savings accounts
19.Educates you on financial aid options
20.Determines whether term or permanent life insurance is right for you
21.Computes how much in disability benefits are enough for you
22.Identifies and plans for your future medical expenses
23.Examines your need for Long Term Care Insurance
24.Coordinates with an insurance agent to acquire the proper coverage for you



25.Assists you in setting up a retirement plan
26.Evaluates whether a Roth IRA is suitable for you
27.Determines the Social Security filing strategy to receive maximum benefit
28.Analyzes pension payout options that are best for your circumstances
29.Reviews the role of Stock Options or Restricted Stock Units in your overall investment allocation
30.Evaluates your existing investments within your employer retirement plan
31.Assists you with rolling your qualified retirement accounts into IRAs
32.Identifies the right income withdrawal strategy for you
33.Ensures your annual Required Minimum Distributions are taken for tax-deferred accounts and qualified plans
34.Assists you with planning and filing for Medicare
35.Listens to what you want to get out of your retirement years 



36.Files your taxes annually
37.Files any gift tax returns if needed
38.Aims to reduce and/or smooth your tax liabilities over time
39.Projects what your future taxes will be
40.Considers harvesting losses to reduce you tax liabilities
41.Considers harvesting gains in low tax years
42.Ensures you are taking the proper federal and state tax withholding for paychecks and
43.Possesses current and substantial knowledge of updated tax law changes
44.Determines whether Roth Conversions are right for you
45.Assesses when to take itemized deductions or the standard deduction
46.Helps plan around Medicare Premium Surcharges for high-income beneficiaries
47.Evaluate the benefits of Qualified Charitable Distributions



48.Ensures the proper documents are in place
49.Reviews beneficiary designations for retirement accounts and life insurance
50.Plans around the probate process
51.Coordinates with an estate attorney
52.Forecasts the possibility of liquidity needs
53.Supports you during the estate settling process
54.Devises strategies to meet your charitable intentions
55.Devises strategies to meet your gifting intentions 



56.Educates you on investment concepts and strategies
57.Devises an investment strategy based on your objectives and appetite for risk
58.Diversifies your portfolio
59.Drafts an Investment Policy Statement for your portfolio
60.Minimizes your investment costs
61.Determines the most suitable location for your investments
62.Emphasizes tax-efficiency in your total portfolio
63.Rebalances and reviews your portfolio as market conditions and your situation change
64.Follows a disciplined system to “Buy Low, Sell High”
65.Avoids investing in short-term market trends
66.Consolidates and simplifies your investments



While Weingarten Associates has helped clients with the above services, we make no guarantee to provide each of these services to every client. All client services are customized to your unique needs. We also make no guarantee as to future investment
performance or returns.