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How Much is that iPad really worth?

A client sent me a link to a great article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. The author does a marvelous job laying out why the iPad does not cost $500, but more like $2,000 or even $3,000 depending on your age. Most of us spend absolutely no time thinking about the long-term consequences of our purchases and how that impacts our future standard of living. The article correctly points out that there is a balance between preparing for the future and living your life now. I think there are some great lessons to be learned from the article and hope you take a few minutes to read it.

After reading the article I began thinking about some of my own expenses. I was particularly struck by the author’s comment about doing without premium cable. We have never had premium cable, and now with Netflix streaming I could easily be entertained every night of the week if I chose. If I could only give up my favorite sports teams I could do away with basic cable all together!

If you have a suggstion as to areas in which you have chosen to ‘cut back’ or do without, feel free to post a comment below.

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