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Ben Franklin’s Call to Action


Ben Franklin once said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” I love this call to action. When it comes to doing our taxes we are all compelled by a deadline (April 15th) to complete a tax return. Some of us hire someone to do this chore while some do it themselves.

When it comes to managing the rest of our financial lives there is no deadline. For example, beginning a savings program for a specific goal (a house, college, retirement) is often delayed due to ‘current’ circumstances. The excuses go on and on and then before you know it, years and even decades have gone by and nothing has been saved. There are other aspects of our financial lives that frequently get pushed to the side: purchasing insurance we know we should get, or setting that appointment with the estate planning attorney to draft crucial documents like wills and health care directives. There are of course other areas of our lives where we could all benefit from being more proactive: exercise and eating better are the obvious ones that many of us struggle with.

For me it simply helps to be reminded of Ben Franklin’s call to action. Once you start taking action you will hopefully develop the habit of taking action and do the things you know you should.

If there is one thing you have been meaning to do (financial or non-financial), take a moment and do it right now. You will feel much better for the rest of the day.

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