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April 2013

How to diversify beyond stocks and bonds?

A reader asked: Since the stock market seems so fragile, and in the long term it seems far from certain that it is safe to entrust with a majority of our retirement and college investments, how else could we diversify and save? I know about the standard ways of diversifying like bonds, real estate, but are there other more creative ways?

How do I make better saving/spending decisions?

One of our readers asked how should people make better saving and spending decisions. This is a great question and one that probably bedevils most folks. Part of the problem is the overwhelming number of advertisements we see each day compared to the number of messages we see urging us to save.

How do you list your beneficiaries on your policies so all your children get equal payouts?

This is a guest post by attorney Kevin Pollock of Pennington, NJ. I would like to thank Kevin for contributing to this blog.

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